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Friday Favorites – May 23, 2014

A Friday roundup of our FIVE FIERCE FAV links & articles we’ve found this week. Some are fun. Some are serious. Some are downright critical. All are our favs…

1. Spring Color Pantone Palette

The colors we are building in our closet this spring. The theme seems to be a vibrant twist on sherbet pastels and includes pretty much every color family you could want! Time to dig through your closets to see what you already own. Speaking of which…

2. Organize Your Closet

Ever catch yourself wearing the same three outfits week after week? What about shopping just to find out you already own six of the (nearly) identical tops you just brought home? Tech gals rejoice! Here’s new way to track your closet. StyleBook (iOS only) lets you visually categorize your closet, mix and match outfits, and even shop directly from the app. While I’m not crazy enough to catalog all my freebie tee shirts and yoga pants, I am inventorying all my work clothes and building a calendar.



3. Spring into Summer Drinks

This one is a keeper folks. “If spiked lemonade and a mojito collided in a blender, you would end up with a bootleg.”  Cookie & Kate whip up a refreshing mint and lemon drink that is sure to chase away any gloomy clouds this Memorial Day weekend (at least by me, it’s been raining all week long).

4. Help a Mom Learn To Code

MotherCoders is a non-profit that helps moms on-ramp to technical careers in the new economy. Tech jobs are at an all time high. Let’s DO this ladies!!

5. The Real Meaning of Memorial Day

…enough said. Enjoy your weekend, thank a soldier & help their families.

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