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Thanks for checkin’ us out. We may be a bit rough around the edges while we get a little work done, but just wait until we launch!


Until the site is ready to shine to the public, be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

What is this deal all about? Well, I can tell you we are NOT about settling for anything less than being FIERCE. Canning vegetables, letting our hair go gray, wearing velcro orthopedic shoes for comfort, and whining about our ‘lost youth’ is FORBIDDEN here. Booooooring. While we love reading sites and watching videos around those topics (well, not the shoes unless we are doing research for our moms), Fierce & 40 is all about completely embracing this decade and putting ourselves FIRST. Yeah, there’s another F, I went there.

In fact, all you will get here is a lot of F’s. Fierce. Fashion. Flirt. Fitness. Face. Fertility. Faith. Funny. Foreplay. Food. Flicks. Field. Fresh Beats. Fun. Friends. Family. Nearly 20 topics that we drop the F-Bomb to. You won’t find any boring $&*% here, I promise. Does this look like you…

  • A fierce woman who has come to love herself being in her 40s?
  • A fierce woman that refuses to ‘live in the past’ with her looks but instead in the ‘now’ & future?
  • A fierce woman in the “sandwich generation” that knows all the best stuff is in the middle?
  • A fierce woman that feels she is stabilizing in her life (or desperately needs to)?

That’s us. Stalk us on social, bookmark this site and hold on for one F’ING ride!!


Lynette Young

Fierce & 40 Founder

PS – Want to write for us? Have a fantastic opportunity that our Fierce & 40 friends would love? Drop us a message (fierce and 40 blog AT gmail DOT com) or think about placing your product, brand, or experience in our Fiercely YOU Guide.

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